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Sunday School - Summer break

Sunday Worship - 9:00 a.m. - Service in the Sanctuary

*Safety Precautions*

Wearing a mask is highly recommended.

Please maintain physical distancing inside the sanctuary.

Seating will be restricted to every other pew.

Songs will be led from the front of the church; we ask that the congregation speak the words or hum along only. If you or your family would like to lead songs, please contact Nalani.

Disinfecting of pews and commonly touched surfaces will

take place weekly.




St. Paul's is a community with deep roots of faith and a commitment to proclaim God's love. Our heritage stretches back all the way to 1875, and we continue to strive to remain faithful disciples in this place over 125 years later. Our church is a place that welcomes all people. So whether you are seeking a church home or are just passing by on the Sparta-Elroy bike trail, come join us, as we seek to grow in faith as a family!



prayer list

Katie Wallace

Gloria Meltesen

Florence Dougherty

Darlene Babbitt

John Acker

Lois Reineke

Judy Bever

Craig King

Wynn Liersch

Mary Leis

Tracie Herman

Avery Brueggen

Julie Schreier

Don Schreier


Jacob Picha

Dylan Dougherty

Robert Cale

Seth Tormoen

Danelle Dougherty

Matthew Dutton